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The South Carolina Film Institute, founded in Columbia (the Capital) is an organization that was created to give young artists and filmmakers a place to call their own. The institute main objective is to seek out and support International, National, and Statewide artists who want to learn more about the craft of filmmaking. We house, teach, and reach out to those that are serious about becoming professionals in the field of Film and Television.

Our institute will have you ready for New York and LA in no time. We have created a facility where Artists, Actors, and Filmmakers can immerse themselves around other artists (similar to the Sundance Film Institute and Tribeca Film Institute.

We produce feature films and documentaries for the International and National Film market, content for television and submitted for consideration to HBO, SHOWTIME, LIFETIME, and Etc.

We don't tolerate bias or discrimination due to race, age, gender, or sexual preference.

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